Accolades for Jeff Laurie's Direct Response Copy & Design.


You may not be able to judge a book by its cover or a person by their clothes.  But you can judge a direct response copywriter by what others say about him.  Here’s proof:

“I’ve known Jeff for decades, and he is clearly one of the best copy writers there is. He’s very smart, very dedicated to direct response marketing, thinks strategically and conceptually and makes design an integral aspect of the overall communications goal. He annoys me because he is a very successful competitor, and it’s tough to beat his controls. But my own personal integrity dictates that I must highly recommend him for any writing project.”

— Steve Tharler
    Tharler Directs
    Former president, New England Direct Marketing Association

“We're now seeing returns on the new acquisition package that mailed in February, and your most recent updates to the letter penned several years ago did the trick once again. The "Outrageous!" concept has been the control now since early 2012 and has been impossible to beat. Now that's outrageous!”

— Art Stupar
     Associate Publisher
     The Nation

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff several times over the past two years. He is an incredibly talented writer and marketing strategist -- constantly coming up with innovative creative concepts -- all of which lead to breakthrough successes for our direct mail and email marketing campaigns. He is true professional."

— Joe Barden
     Former Director of Circulation
     Value Line Publishing

"You took our concept for MINDFUL, a new zeitgeist magazine which didn't exist beyond an idea, you understood it when others didn't, and you wrote and designed the winning direct mail promotion for it. That successful launch owes a considerable debt to you. It has been great to work with you."

— Alan Brush
     Associate Publisher Circulation
     Shambhala Sun Foundation

"We all agree ... GREAT COPY! There's nothing we want to change. I'm so glad you came up with the S&P comparison. Great story."

— Sheila Frisch
     Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report

"I've worked with Jeff at many stages during my marketing career and highly recommend him. He brings a strategic perspective to each assignment, writes compelling and effective copy and delivers fantastic design to complete each of his packages. He's got a good track record for developing winning creative -- plus he's easy to work with."

— John Titus, Titus New Media

“I've worked with Jeff since the mid-90s as one of his creative partners. He is an incredibly talented writer and strategist -- constantly coming up with new, innovative approaches to marketing problems -- all of which lead to breakthrough successes for his clients. Our working history started in direct mail, but Jeff is also a master of the web, particularly email, landing pages, microsites, and AdWords. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for success and innovation in their direct marketing or web marketing efforts.”

— Dwight Ingram
     DM Creative Director

"Working with Jeff is a pleasure. He is a great partner... His copy is some of the best I have ever seen and needs very few (if any) revisions. The end result is he saves me time by getting it right the first time, and his copy really sells. "

— Kevin Sghia
     Former Group Marketing Director
     Penton Media

"While Jeff is an excellent copywriter, he also excels at thinking strategically. I can enthusiastically recommend Jeff's work. And by the way, we expect the renewal series he wrote for us to add another $200,000 to the bottom line."

— Erik Zenhausern
     Former Circulation Director
     National Review; currently Director of Circulation
     Subscription and Acquisition, Newsday

"The email performed really well. I was very pleased. It more than paid for itself. I already have a remail in the works. Thanks for your help!"

— Debbie Winders
     Former VP of Circulation and Distribution
     IDG Enterprise

“Jeff truly understands direct response, circulation, and online marketing in the most fundamental and experienced way. We contracted him to write an email customer contact series. Our goal were concise: drive as many clicks as possible. His years of experience allowed him to cut through the nonessential and focus on the call to action, giving us copy that we will use and build upon for a myriad of projects.”

— Eric Holden
     Vice President, Audience Development
     Modern Luxury Media