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Book Chapter

“Copywriting for Online Media,” in Write on Target: The Direct Marketer’s Copyrighting Handbook, by Donna Baier Stein and Floyd Kemske (1997, NTC Business Books, Lincolnwood, IL).  It’s antiquated now, but this was the first publication that I’m aware of on writing for the web. 

Articles & Reprints

The Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button Copywriting, (Denny Hatch Direct Marketing IQ, 2010, Philadelphia, PA), pgs 114-115.  Example of successful letter.

“Minor Elements That Make a Major Impact.” InsideDirectMail, June 2009.  (Reprinted in Design & Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response, Direct Marketing IQ, 2012)

“Guides, Gifts, and Useful Tools.” InsideDirectMail, August 2008, Yoga Journal control OE reproduced in article.

“Sound Salesmanship is the Spine of Easton Press’ Control Package.” Cover story, Inside Direct Mail, March 2004, Anatomy of a Control,  by Paul Barbagallo

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Gold Award, CIO Folio: Circulation Direct Marketing Awards, January 1989 for “New Magazine Launch: Business/Trade”. 

Comment: “There isn’t much time to get the attention of the chief information officer and then get him to take action.  Therefore the package had to be official but also ‘important’ enough for a secretary to pass it on to the boss . . . a direct request package that stands out from the clutter.”

Gold Award, Wired. Circulation Management, November 15, 1997, for New Business Subscription Promotion. 

Comment: “An outstanding package targeted to business lists, communicating the benefits and contents of the magazine that relate specifically to that audience.  Good letter with effective highlighting and innovative P.S.  Some humor also.  The package is quite expensive but the lift is good, so it still beats the control on a P&L.”

Silver Award, Business 2.0. Circulation Management, August 2000, Business Magazine Launches.

Axel Anderson Grand Control. “100 Greatest Books Ever Written,” Easton Press, 2004