My Fees & Your Budget.

Jeff Laurie & Co. charges by the project, not by the hour.

This way there are no surprises.  You know the cost from the start.

I’m not the cheapest copywriter you can hire.  The accumulated knowledge of 35 years in the business is worth something.

I have an established range of reasonable fees. And they’re open to negotiation if necessary.

I’d prefer you simply tell me how much you want to spend, and we’ll do the work for that amount.  But I find that clients prefer not to bare their budgets in the hope they’ll get a better deal if they don’t.

That’s fine.  We’ll discuss the scope of the project, any specific details I need to know, and we’ll agree on a budget.

I want you to be happy with our work.  So our prices include as many revisions as necessary, within reason.  But if you make extensive changes after the copy is approved and the project is designed, we’ll have to add authors’ alteration fees.

This has basically never happened because I’m a quick study, easy to work with, and I’ll bend as far in your direction as I can.



Hourly Rates

For photography, we charge an hourly fee plus the photographer’s rate. Same for research.

For travel, we expect clients to reimburse us for travel requested by the client.

We’re also available at a reasonable fee for services on retainer.

Kill Fees

As a standard measure, we ask for 33% of the project fee before the project begins. This is the kill fee before the design process begins. If the project has been written and designed, the kill fee is 67%.

Let’s put it in writing

Before we start, we’ll send you a simple agreement that describes the scope of the project, and what you expect and don’t expect from us.