Free Critique


Free Creative Critique

Free Creative Critique.

For Professionals Only

Do you have a promotion that isn’t performing as well as expected?

A critique from a seasoned direct response pro could help you discover why.

You’ll get the benefit of my long experience as a direct marketing manager, direct response creative, and owner of Jeff Laurie & Co.

When you’ve been a student of direct response for as long as I have, you see things that others may not see. 

My copy critique is offered as a courtesy to professional marketers.  It could be the starting point of a partnership between us, or not.

To take advantage of this opportunity –

  1. Call or email me with a short description of the problem.
  2. Send a copy of the promotion(s) in question, with performance reports, lists used, and pertinent background materials.  (I will sign a confidentiality contract.)
  3. Within two weeks, I’ll respond with a detailed critique, either by phone or in writing, on what works and what can be improved.  I’ll provide specific ideas, concepts, and creative alternates.  But Jeff Laurie & Co. won’t do the actual work of upgrading the promotion without compensation, which we can discuss.
  4. For 30 days after we deliver the review, I’ll be available by phone to answer any questions, for a maximum of one hour.

Call or email for critiques of --

• Direct mail packages
• Renewal and billing series
• Direct response space ads
• Emails and landing pages
• Home pages
• Micro-sites
• Autoresponder emails
• Inserts and onserts


Jeff Laurie
Telephone: 617.484.2265