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What we do.  And what we can do for you.

Successful direct response campaigns aren't a cost.  They're a profit center.

Jeff Laurie & Co. is direct response creative studio. Typically we serve magazines, newsletters, investment publications and services, software companies, and web sites. But we can help virtually any company generate more sales or leads through direct response marketing.

Call us with confidence for categories like these . . .

Architecture & Design Health & Medicine Personal Growth
Business News  High Technology Politics/Current Events
Computer Games Investing Sewing
Consumer Lifestyle Lifestyle Specialty/Enthusiast
Culture/Opinion Music Sports
Entertainment News and Opinion Trade publications
Executive/Managerial Growth Online Education Travel

Give your team the edge. Work with our team.

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We're now seeing returns on the new acquisition package that mailed in February, and your most recent updates to the letter penned several years ago did the trick once again. The "Outrageous!" concept has been the control now since early 2012 and has been impossible to beat. Now that's outrageous!

               — Art Stupar
                    Associate Publisher
                    The Nation