Acquisition Emails with a Ph.D. in Clickthroughs

We broke the mold (and response records) with our "L" shaped email for ComputerWorld.  And we just might be the first creative shop to add a small image of the premium partially overlapping the call-to-action tile to reinforce the gift (see U.S. News below).

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Computerworld Pass-Along

Computerworld Controlled Pass-Along.
Extremely successful subscriber-get-a-subscriber promotion. Client immediately remailed. The top portion of the email is addressed to the subscriber/recipient, with instructions to send to a colleague. The brighter bottom portion, where the eye immediately goes, is written to the colleague. It makes it clear that the email has been forwarded by someone the recipient knows. I attribute much of the success of this email to the unique format.

Inc. 500/5000

  Successful email to drive applications for the prestigious Inc.500/5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies.

Preaching Acq Email

The key to this successful acquisitions email is the “Open House” concept. The sign is already a well-known metaphor for “come in and take a look.” It worked!

US News Acq Email

U.S. News.
Central to this email’s success is the premium image on the call-to-action bar. This reinforces the idea that by clicking on the tile, the recipient gets the gift.

National Review

National Review.
As is befitting for political copy, this email is radically partisan. It’s also short, colorful and includes the offer. Coordinated with direct mail package.


Our proudest moment was when consultant John Titus said our renewal efforts for The Christian Science Monitor “performed as well as the postal efforts.” Enough said.  

CSM E-Renewals

Christian Science Monitor.
Another successful use of the “L” shaped email. John Titus described the response to this series as, “Almost as good as the print efforts.”

Fast Company E-Renewal

Fast Company Win-Back --Indexed at 136
. The headline is tried and true, but the motivator was the offer of 2 years for $9.97. Used for a number of years.

Inc. E-Renewal

Inc. Win-Back -- Indexed at 123.
Expressing the cost on a per-day basis and the one-week deadline powered this email & landing page to success.

Weekly Standard E-Renewal

The Weekly Standard.
A ‘Thank You’ note and renewal-at-birth email featuring one of the magazine’s iconic brand images – editor William Kristol.

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