New Business


High-performance, brand-building direct response copy and design for new business direct mail.


When you’re looking for copy that resonates with prospects, you need a copywriter who understands people and portrays benefits vividly.

The packages you see here are or were controls. If you’re looking for a voucher acquisitions package or a 9x12, 6x9, or #10 full-dress promotion that works, you’ve come to the right place.


The State Of The Voucher

Many of these package have Voucher/Statement of Benefits order forms. Increasingly, we are seeing additional components added to voucher packages to push the sale.

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Mindful DM


Mindful Launch Package. Indexed at 138 vs. competing package in a dry test. Exceeded expectations in roll-out. 2+ year control. Design by Ingram Creative.



Garden & Gun. Indexed at 128 vs the control.  This 6x9, full-dress package is the first new direct mail package since launch. Awaiting test results. Design by Ingram Creative.

Value Line OLD

ValueLineOE-wbkgd Value Line Select. Indexed at 264 vs old control. Breakthrough control package that has beaten numerous test packages. Design by Ingram Creative.

The Nation OLD

TheNationOE-wbkgdThe Nation. Multi-year control package that is provocative and attacks an “enemy”, as is usual for partisan political promotions. Updated with current issues for every mailing. Design by Ingram Creative.

Food Network

FoodNetworkOE-wbkgd Food Network. Control package written for Sage Communications.


WoodcraftOE-wbkgdWoodcraft. Indexed at 113.  For the home woodworker. The brochure was a strong contributor to the package’s success. Design by Ingram Creative.

Also see…

Also see...
Archaeology.  Index at 137 *
Interweave Knits.  Indexed at 156 *
Newsday.  Indexed at 200
Forbes 4 Page Letter -- New control 2015
Give Us This Day.  Launch. Design by Ingram Creative.
* Copy written for Sage Communications