Membership Has It's Privileges.

 In today’s world of long-distance friends and scattered families, people identify with communities of interest.  That’s why membership offers can be so powerful. 

Promoting new memberships or renewals is no different from promoting magazines, except the benefits of membership are more concrete.

World Wildlife Fund.  To come
B.A.S.S.  Membership acquisitions package.*
B.A.S.S.  Membership acquisitions sweepstakes test.
American Quilter/American Quilter’s Society.*
B.A.S.S.  7-Effort membership renewal series.*

* Written for Sage Communications.



Inserts and Onserts

Inserts & Onserts.

Blow-ins or bind-ins.  Two-panel onserts or four-panel wraps.  They’re cheap to print, ride along postage-free, feature the offer prominently, and get their point across quickly. 

A simple formula.  Made simpler by letting us do the work for you.

Bon Appetit.  New business onsert. Design by Ingram Creative.
OK! Effort 6 Wrap.  Four-panel wrap at -3 to expire.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Poets&Writers.  Series of three blow-ins. Design by Ingram Creative.
Food & Wine.  New business onsert.*
Make: Last Issue onsert.*
Travel & Leisure.  ‘Thank You’ onsert for new subscribers.* 

Written for Sage Communications.

Print Ads

Print Ads That Leap Off the Page . . .
. . . and into the minds of readers. 

strategy+business.  One piece of a multi-year relationship with strategy+business through Circulation Specialists.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.  Run-of-book print ad designed to emphasize the international scope of the journal.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.  Run-of-book print ad to promote free online access for subscribers.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Peterson Field Guides. Print ad for Easton Press promoting Collectors Editions of Roger Tory Peterson’s famous field guide series.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Creating Competitive Cultures.  Print ad announcing Inc. magazine’s C3 conference. 
Manufacturing Executive.  Introducing manufacturing leaders to a new professional community.   Design by Ingram Creative.

Print Ads


Print Ads



The Secret of Collectibles.

Collectibles are as much about the act of collecting as they are about the things being collected. 

Collecting gives the collector a sense of mastery as the collection grows. The collector enjoys membership in an exclusive group of common interest.  And for collectors of upscale items, it signals their status.

The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written.  Extremely successful multi-year control package for this Easton Press collectible series.  Featured on front page of “Who’s Mailing What”.  Letter reprinted in Hot Button Copywriting, by Denny Hatch.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Great Books of the 20th Century. One of Easton Press’s flagship series at the time.  Multi-year 9x12 control.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Postal Commemorative Society.  Fulfillment package with premium, to convert soft-offer responses.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Statehood Quarters.  Collectibles acquisition package.  Design by Ingram Creative.


Sales-Oriented MicroSites.

Small websites dedicated to selling a single item.

Inc. Advisor Web Site.  Launch pages. 
Penton Educational Services.  Launch for Lead Generation module.  Also developed Social Media Marketing and Restaurant modules.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Penton Educational Services.  Social Media Marketing launch web site.  Design by Ingram Creative.
Value Line Smart Investor.  Wrote the majority of the copy on this major relaunch of Value Line’s online research tool.
Circ.com.  Original Jeff Laurie & Co. web site.  Initially designed around 2000, updated periodically.