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Responsible rides to enhance our cities and build a cleaner, safer, more connected world.



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How it works

We are all on our own journey, learning to live better and be better. Join us for the ride.


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Responsibility by design

We like speed but not cutting corners. That's why we handle every step of our vehicles' creation, to ensure safety, durability - and a smooth ride too.

  • Throttle

    Easy to use and built to last

  • Frame

    Robust, rust-resistant aluminium alloy

  • Headlight

    See where you're going - and be seen too

  • Front suspension

    Weighted for a variety of urban surfaces

  • Front drum brake

    Calibrated for feel and control

  • Electric brake

    Regenerated by the scooter’s movement

  • Smartphone holder

    Stay safe and keep your phone in the right place

  • Wheels

    Large airless wheels for high grip and low resistance

  • Motor

    A range of power for a range of journeys (300-750W)

  • Battery

    A 50-cell power pack can take you 34-45km

  • Kickstand

    For standing it up – outside of paths and roads

  • Cup holder

    Keep your coffee out of harm’s way

Our responsibility

Cities are about connections. And we’re set on improving both. Before we start in a new city, we first talk with the local authorities and the community to make sure we're bringing something that adds to the lives of the people living and visiting there.

Getting closer

We have a team you can talk to in every city. Tech is awesome, but human interactions are the best.

Extra mile

Every ride you take with us is insured. Even when it’s not required by law. There’s no price for peace of mind.

City partners

Being good neighbours means working with others to best meet the needs of people and the environment.

Workers aboard

All the people who care for our vehicles and keep them charged are employees. New jobs make cities happier places.

Move forward with us.